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The Best Allen Bradley PLC Training. Save $500 per person!

Hands On Instructor Led Training Taking one of our classroom courses is the best way to learn PLCs.  Work directly with the equipment while getting direct teaching from your personal instructor.
Instructor-Led Online PLC Training All the benefits of our hands-on PLC training using Webex. Use our software and equipment to interact remotely with real equipment while getting personal training from an instructor. Watch how it works.
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Online Videos Learn PLCs at your own pace with a subscription to our online videos. Watch a free trial or view the complete library of Allen Bradley / Siemens videos.
Automation Training provides customized training courses for PLC, HMI, Networking, Drive and Motion control.
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We are looking for Technical Instructors with a minimum of 10 years experience with an Allen Bradley and Siemens background. Contact us for details.

Train and Retain
Your business is built upon having the best and most effective automation tools. In order for that equipment to work for your business, you need qualified and trusted individuals. Attracting, training, and retaining employees are how you create and maintain the efficiencies that spell success. If you fail to train and retain employees, the potential cost-savings generated with your equipment are quickly lost to decreased efficiencies and the re-hire process. To have valued employees, you need more than simple orientation courses; you need to create a work culture centered on continually developing the skill sets of your staff.

Your options in applying your PLC training to real world opportunities is by all means anything but limited. Many industries of today, all have a PLC operating system in place. Industries such as packaging, pharmaceuticals, refineries, mines, machine shops, power plants and food industries all automate their systems/machinery to produce more, consistently, quickly and efficiently through the use of PLCs.

Customized Courses
Automation Training develops and delivers customized courses to meet your needs. From hands-on, instructor-led training through collaborative e-Learning environments to self-paced video presentations, our materials provide customized training for PLC, HMI, Networking, Drive and Motion control. With our instructors, products, and partnerships, you can transform your business into a culture of ongoing skill improvement.

We understand the importance of creating a culture of continual education. Your business is challenged by not only the current economic climate, but by the ongoing costs of employee development. Our goal is to develop and deliver the training and development you need to cost-efficiently sustain and grow your business. Let us work with you to create solutions to your automation training needs.
Automation Training is an independent company that develops, maintains and is solely responsible for its own training and course content, and except as expressly stated is not authorized or affiliated in any way with any product manufacturer or other training providers.  Indicated product trademarks are the property of their respective manufacturers and are used solely to identify products for which Automation Training courseware is available.
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